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Have a website? Now its time to drive targeted traffic to your website by advertising on search engines like Google and Bing.



While search engines like Google crawl several websites and display the most relevant results against an user search query, it has become important to advertise on search engines to boost visibility of your websites. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves marketing of a business by paying search engines to display advertisments that appear on search results pages. These ads often referred to as PPC or Pay-Per-Click ads, are of various formats like text ads, product listing ads (PLA), extended text ads.


The most important elements of a SEM are ``keywords``. These are the entire or parts of the search queries that users enter to get results of what they are looking for on a search engine. For e.g., ``macbook pro price in india`` is a search query that returns results from shopping, news and review sites organically. But you also find product listings of the same right on the top of the result page along with price, from various shopping portals. If you are motivated, you would click on the product ad right away, without scrolling down anymore. That's the power of Search Engine Advertising.

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Most of our clients have first tried self marketing strategies by plunging into the ocean of Google Adwords without ample knowledge of how to optimise campaigns. As a result, they all wasted valuable resources - time and money. We help you set up your campaign, ad groups, do the keyword research, target proper audience, use negative keywords to filter out target groups, optimize click-through rates and manage placements. Get in touch with us and take full advantage of our SEM strategies.

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